Press Release Ubber Weed Delivery Launches new online Dispensary

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For Immediate RELEASE : 03/16/2021

Press Release Ubber Weed Delivery Launches new online Dispensary  

After Canada’s legalization of marijuana in the fall of 2018 the demand for Recreational marijuana has sky-rocked. To keep up with the high demand across Canada “UWC” was launched back in June of 2019, making same day weed deliveries across the greater Toronto Area, with Canada wide shipping. Due to trademark issues “UWC” have decided to re-launch under the name “Ubber Weed Delivery” on March the 16, 2021.

Ubber Weed Delivery is now striving to provide fast, reliable, same-day delivery service’s across the Greater Toronto Area and looking to make the number one online Dispensary in Canada.

Coming this March 16, 2021 is proud to announce that we will be going live online and start making same day deliveries across the greater Toronto area with 3 to 5 business days Canada wide Express shipping.

For those who live in the Greater Toronto Area and are tired of waiting weeks, days or multiple hours for your weed delivery visit and get your weed delivered Ubber Fast.

What is

What is

Weedmaps was established in 2008 with an aim to provide consumers safe, legal access to cannabis worldwide. According to the weed maps website, the company is striving to become a comprehensive marijuana platform as well as build technological solutions allowing them to comply with the regulations.

With a mission to “power a transparent and inclusive cannabis economy” is involved in advocacy, licensing, and providing accurate information about the plant.

How weedmap works?

Weedmap provides a consumer-facing interface to share information to consumers regarding cannabis products, online ordering, local retailers, brand listings. provides medical marijuana dispensaries (MMJ weedmaps) locations, menus, reviews, brands, and delivery services throughout the USA and Canada.

Overall, weedmaps Canada aims to facilitate the purchase of medical and recreational marijuana products. By providing useful information about different cannabis products and reviews on marijuana dispensaries, it assists cannabis consumers to make an informed decision.

In Canada, weed maps have set up dedicated pages for different cities such as weedmaps Toronto, weedmaps Montreal to cater to the pot needs of customers living in different geographic locations of Canada.

As legalization unfolds, the weedmaps grew rapidly and got an appreciation for its tech-bro culture. It was hailed as a success story both in the USA and Canada and the company has been labeled as ‘Yelp of pot’. Later, the company found itself at the center of several controversies that raised serious questions on its business practices.


The company is accused of benefitting from cannabis dispensaries having limited advertising options. The dispensaries that depend upon weedmap to get their word out have to pay as much $10,000 to earn a prominent place. Its exuberantly high rates earned it the name of ‘greed map’.

Several cannabis users express their dismay and disappointment that dispensaries at the top of the weedmap’s list have not earned their spot organically rather their position results purely from paid placement.

Playing with reviews

Even worst, weedmap is accused of deliberately playing with the customer reviews to keep only appreciative remarks. According to the users the company sometimes posts fake reviews as well. One user accused them of deleting his negative comment from their site.

Weedmaps deleted my honest and non-inflammatory review yesterday. I noticed they also deleted another review for the same dispensary that was equally critical. Time to start posting reviews here or find another App that does not “pay to play,” a user noted on Reddit.

In the USA market, the online weed listing company was accused of promoting unlicensed online dispensaries. Several of the cannabis legalization advocates believe that weedmap by preferring revenue is damaging the cannabis legalization process in the USA in long run.

Final words

Weedmaps have done a great job by connecting sellers and buyers. Their user interface and software solutions are providing cannabis businesses with much-needed support. Despite these plus points, there exist some grey areas. 

The company is reportedly playing with reviews to create and maintain a false positive impression. The top sellers on the company’s online platform are not occupying the premium slots due to their quality of products or customer service. 

The company charges exuberant sums of money from the online dispensaries to allot them prominent spots. With an exceptional focus on earning, the company has put the buyers’ interest at the backburner. 

WeedMaps Shutting Down Advertisement For Unlicensed Pot Business Across Canada.

WeedMaps announced to Stop Advertising Unlicensed Pot Business across Canada.

Ghost Management Group LLC, the owners of Weedmaps, announced last year back in Aug of 2019, that they will be pulling unlicensed California-based marijuana businesses from advertising on it’s site by New Year’s Day 2020.

Fastforword one year and Weedmaps is set to do the same in Canada after several prominent Canadian cannabis retailer’s and law enforcement are now pressuring Weedmaps to ban unlicensed business across Canada.

Weedmaps announced that they will be shutting down all unlicensed Cannabis dispensaries and delivery services across Canada starting this September of 2020.

Weedmaps features thousands of unlicensed Cannabis provider’s across Canada on it’s website, as well as some of Canada’s legal pot shops. There is no doubt Weedmaps has become the go-to place in Canada to find virtually any type of Cannabis product, right in your own neighborhood or close by.

It has been said that “later this year” it would begin requiring Canadian advertisers to provide a license number to get listed on Weedmaps and that it would restrict the use of its point-of-sale system, online orders, delivery logistics and other services to licensed businesses exclusively.

This announcement is a step forward for the legal Canadian Cannabis industry, which will aid consumers in identifying licensed cannabis business when looking to purchase safe Cannabis via Weedmaps.

How do you feel about “Weedmaps to Stop Advertising Unlicensed Pot Business across Canada”? 

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42 Locations Announced For New Licensed Cannabis Stores Opening Across Ontario

42 Locations Announced For New Licensed Cannabis Stores Opening Across Ontario

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) will go ahead and authorizes 42 Cannabis Store across Ontario.

Starting this month some of the 42 proposed cannabis stores selected through the second lottery have being given the go ahead to open doors.

Starting in January 2020 the Ontario Government has decided to an open market when it comes to running a retail Cannabis stores.

On the 6th of January 2020 The (AGCO) and Gaming Commission of Ontario will begin accepting operator licence applications from
prospective retailers then on March 2, 2020 the store authorization applications. From this process they are expecting approximately 20 stores per month starting on April 1, 2020.

Unlike the first lottery held back in 2019, applicants that are selected would need to show evidence of a secured appropriate retail space and have access to capital enough upwards of – $250,000 on hand and provide a letter of credit for $50,000 to the regulator.

Now here are your list for the locations of new license Cannabis Stores proposed by 42 operators across Ontario

Toronto Region: 13 stores

  • 1303 Queen Street East
  • 1180 Queen Street West
  • 213 Queen Street East
  • 237 Queen Street West
  • 815 Queen Street West
  • 730 Danforth Avenue, Suite 1
  • 2464 Dufferin Street
  • 501 Church Street Unit, Unit 4B
  • 570 Bloor Street West
  • 964 Kingston Road
  • 103 Harbord Street
  • 619 King Street West
  • 2480-2490 Gerrard Street East, Unit 20A

West Region: 11 stores

  • Stoney Creek – 1338 South Service Road, Winona Crossing Shopping Centre
  • Hamilton – 1400 Upper James Street, Suite 8
  • Niagara Falls – 8685 Lundy’s Lane, Unit 6
  • Welland – 115 Division Street
  • Ancaster – 1142 Wilson Street West, Unit 9
  • St. Catharines – 395 Ontario Street, Suite B2
  • Guelph – 120 Wyndham Street North
  • Kitchener – 589 Fairway Road South
  • London – 1310 Fanshawe Park Road West, Unit F1
  • London – 1135 Richmond Street
  • Windsor – 545 Ouellette Avenue

East Region: 7 stores

  • Innisfil – 1988 Commerce Park Drive
  • Innisfil – 1982 Commerce Park Drive
  • Innisfil – 200 Commerce Park Drive
  • Collingwood – 312 Hurontario Street
  • Barrie – 65 Collier Street
  • Ottawa – 4335 Strandherd Drive, Unit 3, 4, 5
  • Kawartha Lakes – 556 Frank Hill Road

GTA Region: 6 stores

  • Oshawa – 20 Simcoe Street South
  • Oshawa – 20 Simcoe Street South
  • Aurora – 15243 Yonge Street, Unit 3
  • Stouffville – 5779 Main Street, Unit 105
  • Burlington – 1505 Guelph Line, Unit 3-4
  • Burlington – 1025 Plains Road East

North Region: 1 store in each of Kenora, North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay and Timmins

  • North Bay – 390 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 3
  • Sault Ste. Marie – 317 Northern Avenue East
  • Thunder Bay – 1802 Victoria Avenue East
  • Timmins – 273 Pine Street South
  • Kenora – 420 Second Street South

If the municipality did not opted out of the cannabis market altogether stores may be opened no matter how big the population is.

Key Note

Authorized cannabis stores like located at 335 Yonge Street-Toronto, are now offering click and collect services where you can place your order and pay online for in-store pick-up.

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More details are available on the AGCO website.